Welcome Scarlet Knights!

Dear Rutgers University–New Brunswick Students:

Hello and welcome!  I am thrilled to have joined the Rutgers community as your Chancellor.  In my first year, I hope to learn more about Rutgers–New Brunswick from you, beginning with a few informal receptions the university has arranged this month.  I want to learn why you chose Rutgers, what you hope to achieve here, and how together we can make Rutgers even better. 

For those of you who are new to Rutgers, I extend a special welcome, as you and I begin together our journey on the Banks.  You have chosen a great university, one that has top-notch faculty, innovative programs, and a supportive staff. Transition to this academically-rigorous Big Ten institution can be challenging, but always know that faculty and staff are here to help. I also encourage you to explore this great community and find a way to make it your own, whether it’s hanging out at The Yard on a Thursday night, attending a home football game, raising a Seeing Eye Puppy, or participating in the annual Dance Marathon (look for me in the white suit and dark glasses!). If you’re a returning student, I know you are excited to be back among your old friends and are looking forward to making some new ones; the alumni I have met thus far tell me that friendships made at Rutgers last a lifetime. 

In an institution as robust and diverse as ours, you will, no doubt, experience a broad range of perspectives and be exposed to many new ideas. While you may not always agree with contrasting points of view, they reflect different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. So, engage in respectful discourse with superior arguments rooted in facts, logic, and rationale. One of the great benefits of your college years is the opportunity to get to know students with backgrounds different from your own. Make the most of it. I am fully committed to building a diverse, inclusive community at Rutgers–New Brunswick that welcomes all points of view.  I ask you to join me in that effort.  

On a lighter final note, several sources have mentioned that a few Facebook memes of me have popped up during my first two months here.  I tip my hat to the creators for your inventiveness and sense of humor – and, to all our students, I hope you bring this kind of verve and enthusiasm to your studies and co-curricular pursuits, whether that is your first mid-term or the Big Chill or the RU Muddy run just a few weeks away.

I hope to see you at an upcoming reception, and I wish you a great fall semester.

I am a Scarlet Knight!

Deba Dutta
Chancellor, Rutgers University–New Brunswick