A Semester in Review – New Brunswick Highlights

December 18, 2019

Dear Members of the Rutgers–New Brunswick Community:

Last week, I had the opportunity to address the University Senate. During this meeting, I spoke about the many accomplishments we have made this semester in education, faculty development, research, and service. I invite you to view my full presentation (PDF, 9.8 MB), but also want to share a few highlights:

  • New Brunswick Administration: With a fully-staffed cabinet, our team is strategically positioned to focus and progress in key areas: Diversity and Inclusion, Finance, Marketing and Communications, Student Affairs, Administration and Planning, Enrollment Management, and Research and Academic Affairs. I am confident in our priorities and the progress we are making in each department.
  • Enrollment: Rutgers–New Brunswick had a record-breaking enrollment rate with our incoming class. We welcomed a total of 7,310 students this fall with an all-time high average SAT score of 1318.
  • Research and Faculty Excellence: Our collective work in research has been significant as illustrated by the 16 percent increase in grants awarded to Rutgers–New Brunswick. These grants enable us to continue life-changing research and development in the future.
  • Student and Faculty Honors: We have recognized many faculty and student honors that are a testament to the teaching excellence and talented student population we have at Rutgers. Among them are Rutgers’ first-ever Marshall Scholar, Diego Atehortúa who is a graduate of the School of Arts and Sciences and Rutgers’ first-female Pew Scholar, Victoria Abraira, assistant professor, cell biology and neuroscience.
  • Fostering the Student Experience: Numerous programs have been introduced or enriched this semester. These programs continue to enhance the student experience both inside and outside the classroom. Especially noteworthy are initiatives around diversity and inclusion, food insecurity and campus infrastructure.
  • New Brunswick Initiatives: From our recent Big Ideas Symposium to our Research Innovation Forums and the upcoming launch of a student pathway to entrepreneurship, our initiatives at New Brunswick span our faculty and student populations.
  • Enhancing Public Prominence: Our recent national rankings were celebrated in a robust campaign that promotes Rutgers–New Brunswick as a top 25 public university in the nation and a No. 3 university in the Northeast.

My gratitude extends to each of you who contribute every day to the work we do to make the world a better place. I look forward to celebrating more of these moments in the coming New Year.


Christopher J. Molloy, Ph.D.
Chancellor, Rutgers University–New Brunswick