Care and Concern for Our Family and Friends Affected by Hurricane Maria

Dear Members of the Rutgers University–New Brunswick Community:

I am deeply distressed by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Caribbean that has developed because of Hurricane Maria, the latest in a succession of devastating natural disasters. With both electricity and running water either nonexistent or in short supply, Puerto Rico has suffered immensely, and I know that Rutgers and the wider New Jersey community have suffered, too, because of our deep historical and familial connections to that island and its neighbors.

We are working to identify any students who are in need of support from us and to connect them to resources. Members of our community who are seeking information about emergency services for impacted students should contact the Dean of Students Office at 848-932-2300 or at

Given the deep ties our community has to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, I ask that we all consider the state of mind of our students as they cope with the very real impacts these disasters have wrought on them and their families. Please do all you can for those impacted by Hurricane Maria.



Deba Dutta, Chancellor
Rutgers University–New Brunswick