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Campus Events

Campus Conversations

Join us for a series of Campus Conversations where we use data to shed light on areas of strength, challenges, and opportunities for growth at Rutgers University–New Brunswick.

Undergraduate Education at Rutgers–New Brunswick: A Closer Look

How does our undergraduate program compare with those of our peers? How are we striving to improve the undergraduate experience?
(April 19, 2018 )

Undergraduate Education at Rutgers–New Brunswick [PDF]

Chancellor's Colloquia

Talks with prominent faculty from a variety of disciplinary perspectives provide a forum to network with colleagues, catalyze new research ideas, and inspire collaboration across academic disciplines.

Amoeba Artist

Aki Sasamoto, Department of Visual Arts
A discussion how collaborations with musicians, choreographers, mathematicians, writers, physicists, engineers, and scholars from all walks of life have shaped a sculptor's work.
(March 26, 2018)

Campus Address

Inaugural State of Rutgers University–New Brunswick Address

Deba Dutta, Chancellor
Celebrate our institution’s accomplishments and discuss our future.
(February 28, 2018)

The State of Rutgers–New Brunswick [PDF, 133 MB]

2018 Distinguished Lecture Series: The Future of the Public Research University

What will our mission of learning, research, and public service look like decades into the 21st century? Prominent leaders imagine with us the future of public higher education.

Recommitting to Lincoln's Vision: Access and Excellence in Public Research Universities

Robert Birgeneau, Chancellor Emeritus University of California, Berkeley

The Lincoln Project, Excellence and Access in Public Higher Education has developed recommendations for ensuring that public universities continue to serve the nation as engines of economic development and opportunity for Americans from all backgrounds.
(May 14, 2018)

Recommitting to Lincoln's Vision [PDF, 5.5 MB]