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Campus Events

Campus Conversations

Join us for a series of Campus Conversations where we use data to shed light on areas of strength, challenges, and opportunities for growth at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. 

Analyzing and Innovating Research at Rutgers

Join Chancellor Dutta in assessing the current state of our research enterprise to begin charting a course for the future.
(February 12, 2018)

Analyzing and Innovationg Research [PDF]

Beyond the Baccalaureate: A Look at Rutgers Graduate Education

Want to know the state of affairs of graduate programs at Rutgers? How do our programs, especially Ph.D. offerings, measure up against our Big Ten peers?
(December 6, 2017)

A Look at Graduate Education [PDF]

Beyond Football: Rutgers in the Big Ten

BIG 10 logoWant to know how Rutgers stacks up against its Big Ten peers off the gridiron? Where we stand in terms of research output, diversity, U.S. News & World Report rankings, fundraising, and more?
(November 7, 2017)

Big Ten Academic Comparison Charts [PDF]

Chancellor's Colloquia

Talks with prominent faculty from a variety of disciplinary perspectives provide a forum to network with colleagues, catalyze new research ideas, and inspire collaboration across academic disciplines.

Coasts in Times of Sea-Level Rise

Robert Kopp, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
A look at sea-level change and the intersections between physical climate change and the economy.
(February 5, 2018)

Republic of Spin

David Greenberg, Departments of Journalism and Media Studies and History
An examination of the duality of political spin and its societal impact.
(October 30, 2017)

Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency

Hard Choices

Ruth Chang, Department of Philosophy
How do we exercise our freedom through the choices we make?
(September 25, 2017)

How to Make Hard Choices TED talk