Reporting Units


Provost and Chief Academic Officer (Interim)

Wanda Blanchett

Areas of responsibility:

  • Academic affairs, undergraduate and graduate
  • Faculty recruitment, mentoring, diversity, and leadership development
  • Faculty promotion and tenure

Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration

Karen Stubaus

Areas of responsibility:

  • Chief of staff, Chancellor’s office
  • Faculty and academic labor relations 
  • Space planning and utilization

Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

Courtney McAnuff

Areas of responsibility

  • Enrollment management
  • Admissions and registrar
  • Financial aid

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Human Resources (Interim)

Sepi Sepasi

Areas of responsibility

  • Budget and financial planning
  • Human resources
  • IT administration

Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation

Prahbas Moghe

Areas of responsibility

  • Research funding and support
  • Incubate cross-disciplinary research
  • Oversight of key research centers

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Felicia McGinty

Areas of responsibility

  • Student life and cultural centers
  • Student dining
  • Dean of students and Counseling services

Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui

Areas of responsibility

  • Undergraduate academic policies
  • First-year programs; assessment and evaluation
  • Career services